Shiromaru, Taiyoutate


“May your path be guided by the sun, and her rays be ever at your back.”

Taiyoutate Shiromaru Online Character Sheet


Role: Royal guardsman and vassal of Amaterasu-Omikami. Party main tank/healer.

Full Name: Taiyoutate, Shiromaru

Origin of Name: Taiyoutate (Family name: Taiyou- = Sun, – tate = Shield) Shiromaru (Given Name: Shiro- white, -maru common Japanese male name ending that translates as ring, circle, or cycle.)

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): My Faithful Follower (by Amaterasu-Omikami), Shiro (by close friends)

Title(s): Lord (to commoners), Guardsman (to those of similar station)

Preferred name: Taiyoutate-san (acquaintances), Shiromaru (friends)

Age/Date of Birth: 27, June 21st (born on the summer solstice)

Sex: Male

Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: Identifies as heterosexual male (0 of 6)

Race/Ethnicity: Aasimar, descended of a past union between an Archon and an oriental human.

Skin Tone: Tanned skin that normally sports a paler complexion. (He works for a sun goddess)

Height: 6ft 4in

Weight: 145lbs

Build: Athletic

Eyes: Metallic Cobalt Blue

Hair: Shiromaru’s hair is thick and shoulder length, and an odd shade of black reminiscent of the mineral galena. He keeps it pulled back in a short ponytail and has bangs in the front.

Clothes Style: Generally Shiromaru wears clothing befitting Japanese nobility or what might be worn by traditional eastern families, such as Hakama and kimonos, and occasionally with a haori. In combat, Shiromaru wears a full suit of O-yoroi armor with a face mask shaped like a dragon.

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: Holy symbol of Amaterasu, tattooed on right shoulder.

Appearance: Though young in the eyes of some of his peers, Shiromaru is well trained in both priestly and martial arts. He keeps himself physically fit and presentable at all times if able.

Religion: Shiromaru is an ordained priest of Amaterasu as well as being one of her bodyguards. The goddess he serves holds Fire, Good, Glory, Healing, and Sun as her domains.

Political Affiliation: As a royal guardsman, Shiromaru belongs to the faction of the sun as opposed to that of the moon. He generally says little about other political opinions unless asked, but if he is he is neither liberal nor conservative, but tends to support motions for the benefit of the people.

Education: Shiromaru is educated as well as most others who are literate, and he has some actual education concerning engineering, religion, and local politics. What about higher education? Is he or she still in school? Describe in detail the sort of education the character has, noting and explaining any degrees or academic honors or awards.

Languages spoken: Shiromaru speaks Rokugan, Elven, Celestial, And Draconic, with Rokugan being his native tongue. Celestial was gifted upon him when his celestial heritage was revealed to him at age 15. Draconic and Elven were both learned while in training to be used in cases where diplomacy with those who speak it may be required.

Weapons (if any): Though well trained in the samurai arts, Shiromaru found himself to be a bit more mediocre with the bow than some of his peers, and thusly trained heavily in the art of swordsmanship. He uses his self-forged katana,”Hitaiyouryu no Tsurugi” to great effect in melee combat. He prefers blade based combat, but also has his gauntlets outfitted with combat spikes should the need arise, and when in a position where defense or disarming may be favored over offense, he also carries a.jutte tucked into his belt sash.

Occupation(s): Currently Shiromaru works as a royal guardsman for the sun goddess Amaterasu. He serves her court as both a retainer, and as craftsman who outfits his fellows with blades and armor.

Past Occupation(s): From a young age, Shiromaru was trained by his father Enryuu in the arts of the samurai, and from the ages of 8 to 15 he served as his father’s retainer during his father’s employ as a guard of Amaterasu.
When his celestial heritage manifested at 15, he was also inducted into the fold of Amaterasu’s clergy, and with his samurai training was chosen by and apprenticed to a wizened forgepriest named Daimonji Seiren. He trained in smithing and priestly duties with Seiren for several years, while continuing his samurai training with his father during his off time. At 20 years old, he earned his own commission into Amaterasu’s palace guard, where he currently serves.

Special Abilities/Skills: Aside from his combat capabilities, Shiromaru also has a decent bit of skill as a negotiator. He prefers peaceful methods when available, but should they be required he is not afraid to deliver a few threats as well.
Perhaps his greatest skill however is his smithwork. Shiromaru is capable of making masterwork level weapons and armor with relative ease, and once he has done so he can take it a step further by crafting them into items with magical properties.

Activities/Organizations: His primary organization of import is that of the palace guard of Lady Amaterasu. Other than that, he is also an ordained priest and member of her ‘clergy.’

Hobbies: During his off time, Shiromaru will sometimes train his oldest nephew, as well as his niece and younger sister in light combat. Family is quite important to him, and his family tradition almost requires that all of their members can fight, whether or not they do fight notwithstanding.
When not training family or practicing solo, Shiromaru genuinely enjoys smithwork, and can usually be found working on some small project. If peace and quiet is needed, he finds tea ceremonies relaxing.

Interests: Shiromaru is greatly interested in metallurgy and weapon designs. He also has at least a passing interest in basic politics and economics.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: What are the character’s most significant problems or flaws? Does he or she have any addictions or bad habits? What about criminal history? Does the character have any disabilities or psychological disorders? If so, what are they, when and how did they onset, and when were they diagnosed? To what degree is the character affected, and what is being done about it? Most importantly, what is the character’s attitude toward his or her flaws or disabilities?

Citizenship: Astanea

Place of Birth: Capitol City

Now lives: Generally, Shiromaru can be found in the barracks used by members of the palace guard. When he is allowed a leave to visit home he either stays in the clan compound owned by his family, or takes the time to visit his elderly smithing master and aid him with his daily work.

Lives with: Other members of the palace guard when on duty. When off duty, he usually lives at home with his immediate family.

Current Relationship Status: Single

Relationship History: Shiromaru has been in a small number of relationships with the longest lasting well over two years, while the shortest barely made three weeks. Said relationships generally all failed for the same reason in that the women in the relationship believed that Shiromaru unconsciously compared them to the goddess that he serves and sees daily.

Family: Shiromaru is currently the only manifesting Aasimar in his family, the rest are Human, with the exception of his brother Kuromaru’s wife Ami (Elf) and their son (Half-Elf) Those who live at his clan compound include:
His father Enryuu (48 Samurai/Swashbuckler, TWF’s with katana & wakizashi), mother Mariya(45 Ninja/Far Strike Monk, Favors shuriken heavily ),
Elder sister Yozora (28 Samurai/Ninja, Ki Swordsman Style) and her husband Miroku (29 Hunter/Sniper Slayer, Wolf Companion, married into Taiyoutate clan rather than other way around),
Their children (Age 10, twins) Taka (Male, training to be Brawler/Falconer Ranger, twfs with Shang Gou)
and Aoi (Female, training to be Samurai/Synthesist Summoner),
Shiromaru’s younger sister Hikari (15 Samurai/Bladebound Magus, katana black blade),
Younger brother Kuromaru (23 Unchained Monk/Ninja) and said brother’s wife Ami (115{elf} Songhealer Bard/Unchained Rogue),
Their firstborn son Gintatsu (Gin-chan 4 No class, He’s a toddler.),
and his grandmother Koharu (Father’s side, 64 Shaman/Wu Jen)

Other Biographical Remarks: Write the rest of the character’s biographical information. Anything that was missed, or not expounded on already.

Shiromaru, Taiyoutate

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