Though she is one of the two ruling queens of the country Astanea, no living being knows of her true origins. Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto and her older sister, Amaterasu-omikami, appeared during the tumultuous era referred to by historians as “The Age of Chaos.” During this time, the two made themselves known to all with their defeat of Eris, a powerful God of Chaos, who had single-handedly brought life as the people knew it to the brink of destruction. What can be found of the old stories tell us that the twin deities together managed to summon an even greater ancient power from an unknown source, and use it transform Eris into stone, thus freeing the people of the world.

After this incident Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi restructured Astanea’s government, shaping it from an oligarchy into a diarchy, and took up the position of the nation’s ruling sovereigns. They rule their nation to this day, standing ever vigilant against any threats to their people.

Unlike her elder sister Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi is not often seen during the daytime, and some claim to see her within the realm of their dreams. It is rumored that these people have received advice during these times, but most cases of the goddess’ dream appearances are considered to be hearsay. Little else is known about her, as she is overshadowed by her elder-sister the bringer of light and warmth.

If Tsukuyomi is brought to the battlefield, she generally fights using a blend of magic and her personal getsugasan (Monk’s Spade) which is stylized so that each end of the weapon resembles a full/crescent moon.

Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto, or simply Tsukuyomi, is a goddess of the moon, and her name is derived from the meaning “The Exalted Watcher of the Moonlit Night” (tsukiyo: Moonlit night, mi: watcher, no-Mikoto: Exalted One)

Domains: Darkness, Dream, Good, Magic, and Moon (3.5)
Common Subdomains Darkness (Moon, Night), Good (Redemption), Magic (Arcane)
Favored Weapon: Getsugasan (Moon Fang Spade) AKA: Monk’s Spade


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